CRONOSMUSIC was established in 1982 by Nikos and Politimi Stelios and was based at the 6th floor at 59 Sokratous str. in the center of Athens, Greece. Since 2004, our new offices are located at 55-59 Deligiorgi street.

Our first works were mostly productions of traditional live Greek music from Greek entertainment Clubs and fiestas.

Our love for the Greek song and in particular the traditional song, has been the sparkle that lightened the start of our company.

After 25 years of hard work and seek into the Greek music, our productions represent all kinds of Greek music such us Tratidional, from Pontos, the Greek islands, Rempetiko, from Thrace, Macedonian, etc.

"Seek into the Music" is our slogan and we try except the commercial success of our music productions, to keep the quality level of each work high, coperating with artists that we trust and believe to their work.

Through all these years of work, we learned to respect and promote the greek traditional music and the people-artists that continue to sing it. We bring it to our audience without "cuts and pastes" through live recordings, or very detailed inside studio recordings with the best musicians on their kind. In the heart of this music you can find the beating heart of a whole historical nation after all !

In these web pages that we created so we can immediate contact with you, you can find our productions which you can order any time, and we will send it right to your door, without the use of credit card.

"Seek into the music yourself" and let loose in the tunes of Greek traditional music untouched by the time and clear music from original Greek fiestas and dancing.

59 SOKRATOUS str.,
Tel. +30-210-52.22.746
Fax. +30-210-52.25.733

E-mail: info@cronosmusic.gr